www.Compass.ga.gov – GA Common Point of Access to Social Services

Compass.ga.gov is a Georgia Government website, where people in need of public assistance can apply for the same. The website is operated by Georgia State’s Department of Human Services. Here, the word COMPASS is actually an abbreviation for: Common Point of Access to Social Services. Before Compass.ga.gov was set up, we used to have a situation where Georgia state social services websites were scattered all over the Internet. Thus, people looking for food stamps aid would have to go to one website, whereas people looking for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (commonly referred to as ‘welfare’) would have to go to another website. Meanwhile, people looking for housing assistance would have to go to yet another website, even as people looking for Medicaid would have to go to yet another website… The Common Point of Access to Social Services (Compass.ga.gov) was designed to consolidate all these social services, ‘under one roof’, as it were.

What you can do at Compass.ga.gov

Specifically, at Georgia State’s Common Point of Access to Social Services website (Compass.ga.gov), you can:

  • Find information on the specific personal qualifications and whether you are actually eligible for the various forms of public assistance
  • Find information on how to go about making applications for the various forms of Georgia state public assistance
  • Make the actual applications for the various forms of state public assistance available in Georgia
  • Check the status of applications already made for the various forms of public assistance
  • Change information provided in your public assistance accounts, as need arises.

Public assistance programs available at Compass.ga.gov

The public assistance, about which you can find information at the Common Point of Access to Social Services website (Compass.ga.gov), and which you can also apply for on the website include:

  • Food stamps aid: also referred to as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, this form of aid helps financially vulnerable people, by giving them some money, for them to afford proper food.
  • Temporary assistance for Need Families aid: common referred to as ‘welfare’ this program gives cash assistance to poor families that have dependant kids.
  • Child care aid: this is available for highly vulnerable groups of children.
  • Energy assistance aid: this is available to certain groups of people who would have difficulties meeting their energy needs unaided.
  • Housing assistance aid: this program is accessible to certain vulnerable groups of people, who would have struggled (or simply been unable) to access decent housing at market rates.
  • Medicaid assistance: this program makes it possible for vulnerable groups of people to access proper medical care that would otherwise have been beyond their reach.
  • Food assistance aid: this goes beyond food stamps, and is designed for the most vulnerable members of the society who simply can’t feed themselves.
  • Aging services assistance: this program is designed to help senior citizens, who find themselves becoming increasingly vulnerable as age takes its toll.
  • Block grant funds aid: this is an elaborate community assistance aid program.
  • Mental health and substance abuse assistance: this program is available for people who have mental health and substance abuse program, but who are trying to find rehabilitation and other forms of help.

Compass.ga.gov language options

Georgia’s Common Point of Access to Social Services website (Compass.ga.gov) is available in English and in Spanish. To use it in Spanish, check on the right hand side near the top of the homepage. There, you will find a link labeled in Spanish for you to click on, in order to use the website in that language.